Idowu Eyin’s testimony album launch

October 9, 2016
New wine church at South East London boomed and beamed with incredible songs/praises that went up in style correlated with dances that can only be seen on God’s great dance floor… whoop whoop!

Wondering what the fuss is all about, 11th of November 2016 saw Idowu Eyin’s first official album launch. The album titled “Testimony”, has her aura all over it as “Testimony” encapsulates the journey of Idowu Eyin till date. With productions by Evans Ogboi and a graceful collaboration with Purist Ogboi, this album is without doubt ‘phenomenal’.

There is something for every one to enjoy, be it fast, soulful, traditional, songs that will move your feet to dancing etc it has got it all.

Do not hesitate to grab your copy. It is available at every major digital outlet.




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