Makpo launches a brand new video

December 24, 2016

“Growing up, my mum always encouraged I and my 4 siblings to speak our native language – Urhobo. She would engage us with several Urhobo phrases and sentences – particularly, when we needed something from her and she had our full attention. We would respond back to her in English – which was the only language we could speak fluently – mixed with a few Urhobo words that we could quickly make up, sufficient to get us what we wanted. We didn’t realise all the while that her words were sinking in and we were picking up the language. Fast forward 15-20 years later, here I am writing and singing an Urhobo gospel song of praise to God with my mum’s lyrics. Indeed, “Ekpewe vejiro owe…Oghene me…Mi Yeruwe”” – Makpo

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