who we are

Mediamind Universal is an award winning production company based in London, United Kingdom. We at Mediamind universal have been in the business since 2005 with a catalogue of great videos, many of which have bag awards across the globe, we pride ourselves in delivering affordable & scaleable production within your budget.
Our team consists of experienced cinematographers who have shot for some of world leading and well known brands such as innocent smoothie, Coca Cola and much more.  With us, no matter what budget you have, we can accommodate you with the right team. There are no projects too small or too big.  A typical scenario with clients is one which they’ll come to us to discuss the exact budget they would want to spend on a given project, we can then help them to decide what is achievable within such budget.
At Mediamind, we deliver.  Many times people cut corner to save that little extra but often are faced with endless headaches, time waisted and undesired results, this is not the case with us as 99% of our customers would give us 100% feedback as shown in our recent video promo (please see our Youtube channel).  Mediamind operates all over the globe so no matter where your project is, we are certainly willing to travel.

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